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Tobacco awareness, education, and support for those seeking to quit are part of our core services at HCP. The harmful effects of smoking and second-hand smoke do not lead to healthy living nor to healthy communities. That is why we are so passionate about making our community aware of the dangers of tobacco and offering proven support for those looking to quit.  

Whether you are a school or community organization, a business looking to provide help to employees, or an individual searching for help for you or a loved one, we would be more than happy to help you with all of your tobacco awareness, education, and cessation needs! Take a look at the resources we have available.

​NEW! TRU    -  The  Tobacco Resistance Unit  is a movement throughout all of Pennsylvania  to help youth, ages 12 to 18, stay tobacco- and nicotine- free. It’s time that young  Pennsylvanians get serious about exposing BIG TOBACCO and its marketing lies.  TRU aims to prevent and stop youth tobacco use through education. A statewide  movement, TRU is managed by the  Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco  (PACT)  and the  American Lung Association in Pennsylvania .

 NEW  -   LUNG FORCE , led by the American Lung Association, will unite women          to stand together against lung cancer and for lung health. 

 Lung Force Breakfast - 7/24/2014​

  NEW  -   LiveHealthyPA is designed to share the exciting contributions of           partners occurring across Pennsylvania in the fight to eliminate chronic disease and raise           awareness about chronic disease prevention. This initiative brings together individuals,           communities, and organizations to promote positive lifestyle changes, thus improving           quality of life, increasing life expectancy, and reducing health care spending across           Pennsylvania.

 NEW Worksite Cessation Program       brochure postcard

 NEW Fax to Quit Program       letter highlights PA referral form HCP referral form

 NEW  HCP's Tobacco Free Together Facebook page

 HCP Tobacco Prevention Programs

When is the right time to quit?

Freedom From Smoking®  Free Class Offered!

To see class schedules or register online visit the  FFS  page:

HCP Tobacco Quitting Tips

 American Lung Association Quit-line number (1.800.QUIT NOW)

Young Lungs at Play

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tobacco resources

​   Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act: Timeline Infographic

FDA Regulation to Protect Public Health: Infographic

* Tobacco cessation and education funded through a grant from the PA Department of Health.

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